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News article · 29 January 2023
Oxford United’s plans are now limited to building just a stadium (which may incorporate some commercial development in the building). So any planning application – while major – would be much more limited in scope. Oxford United have already begun to draw up proposals that address the County Council’s requirements. One of these, is that they engage fully with everyone affected and keep people informed of progress. Anyone can now subscribe to get ‘official’ OUFC stadium news here:...
News article · 26 January 2023
Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Cabinet Meeting (24.01.23) update: We’re delighted that Cllr Calum Miller answered our call for clarity on Stratfield Brake, finally confirming that it’s off the table for commercial development! Fantastic news for FoSB, and everyone who has campaigned to protect this precious local green space. This time last year we were being told that the commercial development on Stratfield Brake was necessary to fund the stadium. This begs the question of how the...
News article · 15 January 2023
This updates the blog post/ email sent 11th January with important new information
News article · 05 January 2023
Press release from Friends of Stratfield Brake January 2023
Merry Xmas to all our Friends
News article · 21 December 2022
Dear Friend In January 2022 Oxfordshire County Council announced that it was entering into formal negotiations with Oxford United Footbal Club on the potential lease of the land at Stratfield Brake and the neighbouring ‘triangle'. This would allow the club build a new stadium to replace the current one (which is only about 20 years old) . Friends of Stratfield Brake (FoSB) formed to oppose the stadium proposal. We’ve spent the year campaigning to protect Stratfield Brake. The County Council...

FoSB Response to County Council's statement re potential alternative OUFC stadium site in the Kidlington Gap
News article · 05 December 2022
Oxfordshire County Council have released an update on OUFC's stadium proposal. The Council appear to have recognised that Stratfield Brake is not suitable. Instead they are to consider if the stadium can be located on a nearby alternative Green Belt site which the County also own. This is 'the Triangle' of land located to the east of Frieze Way / South of Kidlington Sainsbury's Roundabout immediately opposite to Stratfield Brake. The council's full letter, dated 4th December 2022 can be...

OUFC's detailed proposals released
News article · 22 November 2022
OUFC proposal sent to County Council but when will it be made public?

News article · 12 November 2022
Dear Friends We are a community group set up in response to Oxfordshire County Council's plans to develop our precious green space for an 18,000 (or possibly 30,000) football stadium for Oxford United and other large-scale commercial development. We have serious concerns about the proposal itself and how Oxfordshire County Council has handled the process. We do not want Oxford United to fail as a club, but we will not surrender our community’s precious recreational green space.