Background to Stratfield Brake and OUFC


Stratfield Brake was acquired by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) in 1937 to create a strategic green gap between north Oxford and Kidlington. Now that Cherwell District Council has permitted the destruction of North Oxford Golf Club and other areas of Green Belt around Kidlington, Stratfield Brake is even more important as a green space, separating Kidlington from urban sprawl.


Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) have sub-let the land to three tenants: Cherwell District Council (CDC); The Woodland Trust; and Foxcotte Fencing Ltd. In turn, Cherwell has sub-let their land to Kidlington Parish Council and Water Eaton and Gosford Parish Council.


Oxford United Football Club (OUFC) has asked OCC to transfer it a 250 year lease of 44 acres of the land so it can develop a new 18,000 capacity football stadium with ancillary leisure and commercial facilities to include, hotel, retail, conference, and training/community grounds.


On 18 January 2022, OCC voted in favour of entering into negotiations as requested by OUFC and with the current tenants to enable the use of Stratfield Brake for the development of a new football stadium. They also conducted a four week public consultation about the proposal and on how Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) should prioritise and conduct their negotiation with OUFC.