Keep Stratfield Brake green and under community control

The Friends of Stratfield Brake (FoSB)

FoSB is an independent action group who have formed to help represent the massive local opposition to Oxford United Football Club's (OUFC) plans to take over Stratfield Brake. We aim to:

  • object to a  massive stadium and commercial development on Stratfield Brake;
  • argue to keep it as publicly-owned Green Belt space accessible to all and a home for local grassroots sport;
  • consider how it could be improved for the benefit of the local community; and
  • encourage local councils to work with OUFC to find a solution which doesn’t destroy yet more Green Belt and risk traffic chaos / other problems in our local area.

As a self-formed group of residents from the local community, we clearly cannot compete with the financial resources of a commercial organisation with a large fan base but we are determined to make our voices heard. 


Our members include football fans who sympathise with OUFC’s plight, but firmly believe Stratfield Brake is not an appropriate solution. 


We remain committed to information-sharing and holding to account public authority decision-makers who have been elected to represent the local community. 


To run an effective campaign, we really need as much support as possible, so if you care as much as we do about keeping Stratfield Brake green and available to us all in the local community, please join us

FoSB say: The stadium is NOT a 'done deal'. It can be stopped.

Our local parish councils’ sub-lease interests run until 2097.


They have the power to simply say NO to OUFC. We must act now to make our voices heard.


Both the proposal and the public consultation process regarding OUFC’s stadium plans are of deep concern to local residents.


It will cost our parish councils £1,000s to consult local residents and it is now looking unlikely that all local residents will be given a vote, so the consultation might be by limited sample survey which may favour OUFC.


We need to make our voices heard !