The "Triangle" Kidlington

The Triangle site was acquired by OCC in 1937 to maintain a green gap between Oxford and Kidlington. It is in Kidlington Parish, but  the parish can’t stop OCC selling or leasing it to OUFC, and it can’t stop Cherwell District Council (CDC) from approving planning permission.

The Triangle site’s current tenant, a local fencing company, manages it as a biodiverse willow coppice for its environmentally-sustainable fencing products.


Don't believe what you hear about the Triangle!
This is not a wasteland. 
It is not 'worthless scrub'
It is managed as a sustainable business.
It is a wildlife haven.
Adjacent to protected woodland. 

It is the last bit of Green Belt between Oxford & Kidlington.
It should  NEVER become a commercial development site.


The Triangle in full summer bloom - 2023

The Triangle in winter