Oxfordshire County Council - Public Consultation: CLOSED


"How do Oxford United’s proposals for the land known as ‘the Triangle’ impact the communities of Oxfordshire?"

The County Council are running a six week public consultation before deciding if it will allow OUFC to proceed to purchase or lease the Triangle. Please join our mailing list for updates.

The consultation will  close on 23rd July 2023. It is very important that as many as possible make valid objections.

Why do I need to respond?

OUFC will mobilise their entire well-established fanbase to encourage maximum responses in favour of a stadium on the Triangle Green Belt site. This will include many from outside Oxfordshire.
It is VITAL that as many people as possible raise their concerns NOW by responding to the consultation.  Please get everyone in your household plus all your friends and family involved.


Can I change my response if I have already submitted it?

Yes! Just submit a new response using the same email address and postcode as your original response.


Do I have to do the survey online?

 No! If you would prefer to complete a paper copy you can email stadium@oxfordshire.gov.uk and ask them to send you one. Or you can draft your replies off line and paste them in - that way you will have a copy of your submission.


I'm opposed to the stadium. How do I complete the survey?

 Friends of Stratfield Brake (FoSB) have read all of OUFC's glossy presentations which make up their ‘detailed plans’. We see little new information to change the very serious and longstanding objections to the proposal to situate a football stadium in the Kidlington Gap on a Green Belt site. Oxfordshire County Council set 7 Strategic Priorities which OUFC has to meet in order for the proposal to proceed: in our view, OUFC has FAILED to demonstrate that the proposal meets any of them.

Please read FoSB's  detailed guide on how best to make your objections count.

Have any questions or comments or ideas? please contact us (details below)


Where can I get the official information and complete the survey online?

Go to the OCC survey  page. It is possible to view the survey without submitting it by saving it for later, or just closing the browser.

Page last updated: Friday 16th June 2023