Thank you

Thank you to everyone who submitted objections to the planning application and especially to the leaflet volunteers who were vital in delivering what was a very successful leaflet campaign.  Seeing how many people feel so strongly that the Triangle is the wrong place for a football stadium reinforces how important it is that we continue to oppose this proposal. We hope the planning committee prioritises the local community over the views of those from New Zealand!

Thanks to your efforts there are now many objections on Cherwell’s planning portal and they are being added to daily.  Here are a few comments that caught our eye:

The objections show that, despite what fans would have us believe, not all local club supporters are in favour - thanks to those brave individuals for speaking up.

If you haven’t done so already, you can still comment.  Please do!   We have been told by Cherwell that they will accept comments until the decision date.  We are taking mid-May as the cut-off date for now.   See here for our guidance on how to object.