OUFC's detailed proposals released

OUFC proposal sent to County Council but when will it be made public?

Important: OUFC update

We understand that OUFC has now sent its 500 page detailed proposal to Oxfordshire County Council. We hope that it is made publicly available very soon. There are some serious questions to be answered and we don't anticpate that OUFC will be able to provide satisfactory answers. 


We also think that Oxfordshire County Council has questions to answer about how the OUFC proposals have been handled internally, both within the County and Cherwell District Councils.


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Your donations have already been put to good use.  Our latest leaflet is now dropping through letterboxes across Kidlington and Gosford & Water Eaton. We're getting our message to the people who would be most affected by OUFC's proposals. 

We have set out the real facts behind this 'deal' so residents understand that the Parish Councils CAN (and we think SHOULD) say NO! to the stadium proposal.


Read our leaflet below.

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